The Pentaquin Universe

Learn more about the game world, its history and its inhabitants

A world full of secrets

The fantastic world of Pentaquin is set in a medieval-inspired fantasy universe and basically consists of the main planet which is orbited by five moons. In the lands of this strange world influenced by magic and divine machinations there are plenty of adventures and journeys of discovery waiting for you: Experience the exciting backstory of the Pentaquin world up close!

The universe through the ages: How it all began

Did you know? The idea behind the Pentaquin project was originally to develop a multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG).

For various, especially time-related and financial reasons, we have put these plans on hold for the time being as part of a change of course and taken on a less complex challenge: For now, we will devote ourselves to smaller games such as the 2D platformer Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight and gain experience as a development team before one day we can dust off the ideas of the (online) role-playing game.

However, during the development of the Pentaquin MMORPG a lot of ideas, concepts and stories emerged which were originally intended to form the diverse landscapes of the Pentaquin universe in role-playing games.

These ideas for the fictional Pentaquin universe still form the basis of thoughts on the successor project and all future games based on it. The 2D platformer Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight will tell the prequel to the originally planned Pentaquin MMORPG and thus also play in the same world: Just at an earlier point in time.

The Planet

The center of the world

This mystical place is surrounded by five moons, each of which is assigned to the five gods. These gods are constantly trying to consolidate and expand their influence among the world’s inhabitants. The planet’s landscape is diverse: vast, green forests alternate with deserts, steppes and mighty mountains, which represent an almost insurmountable border – unless you got wings. Near the equator there are rugged, ruined remains of an island that once housed the mighty Arcana reactor being the center of industrialization. In the east of the planet, the simmering conflict between the god of light, fire and shadow has divided an entire human kingdom, including its once magnificent capital, in two.

Behind the scenes

The challenges of world building

When developing Pentaquin we attach great importance to creating a coherent and logically structured world. In addition to the gameplay elements visible to players,this requires a variety of concepts and functionalities that only run in the background but are essential for a consistent world.

A detailed background story depicting past, present and future while also linking them together was one of the first major challenges in our development.

The moons

More than just celestial bodies

Each of the five moons eternally circling around the planet Pentaquin is unique. Every moon has its own climate and strange inhabitants who simultaneously carry out the will of their respective rulers. Those are nothing less than divine beings. Each of them represents a different aspect of magic that can be used by mortal and immortal creatures alike. The gods descend from the great creator god “Ter’oz” whose spirit once split into five individual souls. The powerful guilds of magicians among the inhabitants of Pentaquin – the so-called moon circles – are always geared to the influence of the moons in their rituals.


Manipulative and controlling. Shadow mages are masters of necromancy and mind control. They strive for ultimate control as sole rulers over humanity and the planet – and create submissively obeying undead to do so.


Dominant and craving for power. Fire mages strongly believe that creation can only be improved through destruction. Like a phoenix from the ashes, other peoples – in their eyes imperfect – are condemned to give way to this.


The druids of the Nature Mage Circle want to preserve the balance of creation and preserve the flora and fauna of the planet. They influence the resources and the collective consciousness of nature in their favor – and for self-preservation.


Magicians of the Water Circle always operate very reasoned. They want to protect the world’s ecosystem at all costs – even if this requires change. Alliances or wars with other circles are only temporary.


The priests and paladins of the Light Circle are committed to protecting freedom, equality and accountability. They intervene as soon as the freedom of individuals is curtailed and impose sanctions on all those who pose a threat to free will.

The story

From its origins to the present

The computation of time begins

Origin of the world

At the beginning of the aeon of Pentaquin, there was an empty space of free matter and energy. From this energy a powerful, divine being emerged: the primordial god Ter’oz.

At some point, Ter’oz began to form a planet with five moons from the freely available matter. In the process, he accidentally created a living being and started replicating this species to breathe life into the planet. Through evolutionary processes humanity as we know it today was finally formed.

The primordial god Ter’oz created the world of Pentaquin

A turning point

The Great Split

At some point, five self-sufficient aspects began to form within the consciousness of Ter’oz each pursuing different goals for the world order. In doing so they put the mind of the Creator God to a hard test. To protect the world from his impending madness he eventually split up his soul into five new gods.

Each of these divine beings was given one of Pentaquin’s five moons as its jurisdiction over which it was to rule: the five moon gods were born.

The War of the Moons

Over time it became clear that these five moon gods had each inherited completely different traits from Ter’oz’s original being. They began to reshape the moons according to their own ideas with radically different approaches.

After some time their share of the main planet didn’t suffice the gods anymore and they began to battle for sole reign over the planet. Each of the gods started to recruit humans for his faction which lead to the breakout of a great war. Ter’oz himself, plagued by the suffering of war, decided to banish all five gods from the planet to their moons to bring peace back to Pentaquin.

After the gods disappeared the people were now without a leader and the war ended.

Terovania: The former capital of the Tero’zar people was badly damaged in the Great War of the Moons.

Following the end of the war the magic circles the gods had gathered lost many of their members. However, this didn’t stop their most faithful servants from looking for a way to free their gods from their exile.

After many futile attempts to lift the banishment by both sides, it seemed predictable that the gods would one day walk on Pentaquin’s soil again. The primordial god Ter’oz having to maintain the banishment with his own powers is weakened and the growing influence of the gods on Pentaquin is clearly noticeable. Even among the rest of the population that wants to prevent another war at all costs, resistance fighters rise up, violently moving in on the magic circles to prevent the return of the gods.

They are supported by the Ter’ozar, the loyal followers of the primordial god Ter’oz, who lost their city Terovania in the Great War. Only ruins tell of the former glory of the city. Through their bond with the primordial god Ter’oz they try to strengthen him as much as possible and try to prevent the other mage circles from lifting the moon god’s banishment by all means.

The Present

The 2D platformer Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight takes place in a time before the Moon War a few years after the great split when Ter’oz divided his spirit into the five moon gods. Although no major war has broken out between the five rival mage circles yet, first tensions are already noticeable: the followers of light and shadow circles form fragile alliances which are overshadowed by attacks and crusades by fanatical representatives of their own respective ranks.

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