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The Pentaquin project thrives on the input of its contributors. And we’ve had many through the course of our project history!

But before we get to the actual credits list, we want to say a heartfelt “thank you” ! Thank you on the one hand to all who are listed here and thus not only made a significant contribution to this project but also thank everyone who donated to Pentaquin so that we could cover our server costs. And last but not least thank you to those who supported us in any other way – be it advisory or affirming in our idea and our vision, or simply through an open ear.

In addition, we’d like to thank all former team members who have joined us and contributed to the Pentaquin project on its long way – from the initial MMORPG plans to the current 2D platformer – for a certain time. Without you, we wouldn’t be where we are today. You are an important piece to the puzzle – we would like to say a heartfelt “thank you” for this as well.

Your name is missing?

Then contact us! All those who supported our project are mentioned on this credits page.


Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight

The people listed below contributed in the form of intellectual property (e.g. in the form of creative works such as game graphics and music, or program source code) and thus contributed significantly to the overall work of our 2D platformer “Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight”.

Project Administration

  • Christian Schaal (Project Lead)
  • Pascal Reintjens (Infrastructure Lead)
  • Florian Latifi (Server Administration) | Website

Game & Level Design

  • Michael Siering (Creative Director)
  • Sören Hoffmann (Game Designer)
  • Patrick Richter (Game Designer)
  • Toby James-Schulz (Game Designer)
  • Daniel Siebiesiuk (Level Designer) | Twitter
  • Antonio Moss (Level Designer)

Art & Animation

  • Paul Funk (Art Director)
  • Tatjana Strauch (Art Director)
  • Maria Wagner (Game Artist)
  • Lara Köth (Game Artist) | ArtStation
  • Sarah Schwarz (Game Artist) | Website
  • Valerie Meyer (Game Artist)
  • Artoria Misiak (Game Artist) | ArtStation | Instagram
  • Natascha Föhlisch (Game Artist)
  • Jessica Gröning (Game Animator) | ArtStation
  • Emre Nachtwein (Game Animator)
  • Mateusz Kaźmierczak (Game Artist) | Website
  • Anastasija Gaus (Game Artist) | Website
  • Tanja Schetinin (Game Artist) | ArtStation
  • Florian Jonak (Game Artist) | Website
  • Lucas Schmat (Concept Artist) | Website
  • Anna Lesnikova (Game Artist) | Instagram
  • Alexandra Radosavljevic (Game Artist) | Instagram

Sound Effects & Music

Software Development

  • Arthur Scheiermann (Software Developer)
  • Ralf Schilderoth (Software Developer)
  • Kay Schuster (Software Developer) | LinkedIn
  • Daniel Volz (Software Developer)
  • Fabian Fritzsche (Software Developer) | Website
  • Lucas Regh (Software Developer)
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Financial Supporters

Everyone who has already supported our project financially (e.g. via Patreon and/or Ko-Fi) is thankfully mentioned below.

  • Daniel Volz
  • Frederic Herr
  • Fabian Fritzsche
  • Fabian Reiter
  • Herta Siebeneicher
  • Christoph Schaal
  • Tatjana Strauch
  • Daniel Siebiesiuk
  • Kay Schuster
  • Michael Siering


Pentaquin MMORPG

The following people have contributed to or otherwise supported the now-defunct Pentaquin MMORPG project:

Project Administration

  • Christian Schaal (Project Lead)
  • Pascal Reintjens (Infrastructure Lead)
  • Florian Latifi (Server Administration) | Website
  • Fabian Reiter (Finance Management)
  • Matthias Gosdin (Project Management)

Game & Level Design

  • Michael Siering (Creative Director)
  • Sören Hoffmann (Game Designer)
  • Christoph Janke (Game Designer) | SoundCloud
  • Daniel Volz (Game Designer)

Sound Effects & Music

  • Christian Rüschoff (Audio Director) | SoundCloud
  • Lars Grages (Sound Artist) | Spotify

Software Development

  • Justin Künzel (Technical Director / Backend Development) | Website
  • Patrick Dworski (Software Developer) | GitHub
  • Christian Greiner (Web Developer & UI Designer) | Website
  • Bennet Willhelm (Software Developer)
  • Thomas Christof (Software Developer) | Website
  • Torsten Heym (Software Developer)
  • Lukas Schmierer (Software Developer)
  • Gregor Dissemond (Software Developer)

Art & Animation

  • Paul Funk (Art Director)
  • Jule Herwigk (Game Artist) | Instagram
  • Sima Spielmann (Game Artist) | ArtStation
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